My Shiba is a Runner

This story was told by Marian Campbell of Classy Kennel in Sunfield, Michigan.  Marian refers to herself as 'a caretaker of the Shiba Inu and Kai Ken breeds.'  I think it is an appropriate title since she is so devoted to her dogs.

I have a Shiba that I sold that lives in Texas in a penthouse and this Shiba figured the routine out and one day the elevator porter called up and said "Your dog is in the lobby and wants to ride the elevator up, may I bring him up?" The people were stunned as they thought he was in the dwelling.

Come to find out the little stinker ran out the door when it was open, waited for the elevator to open, got in and rode it down to the lobby, got out and waited for the doors to open and ran out and crossed 6 lanes of traffic to the park and played for a few minutes. He then crossed the traffic, waited for the doors to open again, then proceeded inside, waiting for the elevator to open and that was when he was discovered.

The porter brought the dog to the floor of the penthouse, opened the doors and the Shiba trotted out and into the apartment while the owner stood there in complete disbelief of what had just happened!!! This is a true story!



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