Not for Everyone

Shiba Inu owners often say, "I love these dogs but they are not for everyone ."  One couple put it this way (when describing their Shiba pup), "She's bad to the bone, and we love it!"  Why do people say things like this?  Because Shiba Inu dogs have a wild side to them. They can be real buggers, especially when they are young.  They are not a dog for the faint-hearted.

Shiba Inu's are sometimes called "little wolves". They are certainly not as aggressive as wolves, but they are similar in some ways. What follows is a list of behaviors that wolves exhibit when living in captivity. Note that this isn't a description of what a typical Shiba Inu is like.  It's a worst case scenario.  There is a great genetic diversity in the Shiba Inu population and most of the dogs have good temperaments.  But it's worth noting problems that can occur.

Socialization and training are very important with Shiba Inu's.  If the above problems arise, they can usually be corrected with proper training.  But it takes time and patience.  Firm but gentle handling. Not everyone can do this.

But if you are a dog lover and want more , or if you are not a dog lover but want to become one, this breed could be for you.  Shiba Inu's have a way of making all the work worthwhile. They are fascinating. Very real dogs. So real that they are unreal.

Good with Kids?   After reading this section, people ask, "If Shiba Inu's are little   wolves, can they be trusted with kids?"  The simple answer is "If they are raised with kids, they're good with kids."  Once bonded, Shiba Inu's are more reliable than almost any other breed.  And very sociable to all family members.  But dogs introduced to kids only after they are adults may have difficulty adjusting to kids.

Good with Cats?   The same rule applies to cats.  If Shiba Inu's are raised with cats, they're good with cats.  They are actually cat-like themselves. They go kooky when they smell catnip, for instance.

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